Euro-Mernet English Radio Show 9th July 2015

Hello again dear friends!

This time we had two studio guests who came to talk about a project that is up in town since January: the Love Kitchen runned by the Love Activists Brighton group.
Ree and Ross told us about the history of this network that was first set up in London in 2014 and also about their personal experience in Brighton as people involved in this project whose aim is to redistribute food and drinks not only among homeless people but also to people who are struggling with the raising cost of life and cannot always afford a hot meal or drink. We talked also about activism in general and the positive emotional returns that such an action gives you when you think that you’re doing that for the others.

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Euro-Mernet Italian Radio Show 9th July 2015


Welcome back beloved listeners!

This week we discussed an issue particularly relevant for our country correlated to one of our last topics, the TTIP: the environmental movements active in Italy. Talking about the consequences of some international agreements between Italy and the US, we decided to look more closely to the MUOS, the Mobile User Objective System. This project, born as many others thanks to the existence of an agreement between Italy and the US dated 1954 is bringing heavy consequences on the life of the population of Niscemi, a little town in Sicily. However, despite the proven and recognized harmfulness for the health of the citizens living nearby the area designed for the project, the works of MUOS have carried on among the indignation and the protests of Sicilians. We tried thus to recollect the first stages of the fight of Sicilian civil society and with this excuse to recall the history of other environmental movements present in the country  and to offer some alternatives. Later on we keep talking about liberal exchange existent treaties by analyzing the consequences for Mexico of the Northern American Free Trade Agreement, highlighting the deep changes that Mexican society went through after the ratification of the Treaty and discussing also the sad issue of femicide.

But in order to close with some laughter we also decided to spread the voice about some useful and funny advice on what you should do before you turn 25 (especially if you already turned 25). Enjoy! Please find the full show here.Environmental-Issues4

Euro-Mernet Italian Radio Show 2nd of July 2015

Hello beloved listeners!

In this show we talked about the Greek financial situation and the consequences that the economic policies of European Union have brought to the social-economic stability of the country in the recent years, as well as about the much feared referendum of the 5th of July. Then we discussed about the famous TTIP, the international free trade agreement that the EU is currently negotiating with the United States and we underlined some possible consequences that such a treaty could bring on the ordinary life of European citizens.

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Euro-Mernet English Radio Show 2nd of July 2015

This afternoon our studio guest was Ann O’Keife, founder of Living Life Fully. Anne has been providing spiritual, emotional and professional support to individuals who face challenges in positive thinking and self-empowerment. She talked about her experiences that evolved into expertise in a variety of areas that are linked to the tides and fluctuations in the “feel good” factor around the “micro universe” within the inner and deeper self.

When our studio team figuratively walked together with Anne through an hour-long path, lined with joy and laughter one one side and gratitude and appreciation on the other side, we successfully managed to sneak in a few words about cats, too! 🙂

We also had Ross from Brighton Expression Sessions. Ross told us about the community, arts and activist events in the city throughout last week and in the forthcoming weeks.

Love, peace and solidarity. <3


Euro-Mernet Italian Radio Show 18th June 2015

Hello again dear friends!

During the Italian Radio Show we kept talking about the Refugee Week and the nomination of Brighton and Hove as a “Sanctuary on Sea“. City of Sanctuary is a national network of local groups and individuals who firmely believe that sanctuary seekers should be welcomed and that their contribution to society should be celebrated. Keeping in mind these two points we looked to our country and decided to talk about the situation of migrants at Ventimiglia, where the border has been close to these people in order to not allow them to go to France…not really a welcoming place.On the other hand, we tried to describe the positive impact and cultural betterment that these communities of migrants can have on the Italian soil, talking about projects that see them as the protagonists and that often involve a closely collaboration with local people, improving the integration progress. But as usual, we also discussed other several issues and funny news!

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Euro-Mernet English Radio Show 18th June 2015

To mark the Refugee Week and to observe the World Refugee Day, during this radio show we talked about the history, the present and the future of the refugee communities across the world.

We also reminded the listeners that Euro-Mernet, Refugee Radio and the Community Base management would be organising the Refugee Week event later on the same day, 18th June 2015, at the Community Base, with poetry, film screening, video link interview, live music, food and drinks and guest speakers.

Listen to the full radio show here. Enjoy!

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Euro-Mernet English Radio Show 11th June 2015

Another radio show, another studio guest… and let’s hope that it will also be another sunny day; the summer seems to be delayed way too long this year!

Our studio guest for this week’s radio show was Pip Tindall from Brighton Benefits Campaign (https://brightonbenefitscampaign.word…). She told us the story of how this influential local campaigning group emerged. She also told us about the current and future activities of their group and their cooperation with the like-minded community groups and activist circles in the city.

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“Watch” this space to “listen to” Radio Euro-Mernet! 🙂

Brighton Benefits Campaign

Euro-Mernet Italian Radio Show 11th June 2015

Welcome back, beloved listeners!

In this week’s show we talked about the recent events in Brighton and Hove: so much has happened! The most significant news is that, after the anti-Austerity demonstration on 6th June, the former Barclays Bank branch on Preston Road was occupied by a number of activists and it has now been turned into a squat, or a “liberated space”, in their own words.

Flying over the local skies and landing back on our beloved country, we talked about the industrial “dirty story” over the delicious Italian tomato. We also talked about the challenges faced globally by the famous “Made in Italy” label throughout the last decade.

Last part of the show was dedicated to the latest news from Italy and from the space; yes, “the outer space”, indeed!

Stay tuned and find out the news and features on and from Italy every Thursday. No worries if you missed the chance to listen to the live shows. They are all available on our shows archive page on Mixcloud server where you will find also this radio show!


Euro-Mernet English Radio Show 4th June 2015

Hello again beloved friends!

This week we had two guests, through pre-recorded interviews: Our first guest was the lecturer and activist Marina Prentoulis, from the UK section of Syriza. She talked about the overall situation in Greece and the current affairs across the EU and the Mediterranean, and our second guest was Gianluca Solera, the seasoned activist, analyst and blogger from Italy. He reviewed the Arab Spring, popular movements e.g. Syriza (Greece), Podemos (Spain), Five Stars Movement (Italy), and the groups in Turkey after Gezi Park protests in 2013. We also talked about the current situation of freedom of press in Turkey: Can Dundar, editor of national daily Cumhuriyet, faces prosecution for hosting the video footage of Turkish lorries, escorted by agents of Turkish Intelligence Agency, allegedly shipping weapons to Syrian armed groups. We ended our show paying tribute to our writer friend Carole Seymour-Jones, former chair of the Writers in Prison Committee of English PEN, who passed away over a week ago.

You can listen to this radio show by clicking here and you can listen to all our past shows on our Mixcloud page.


Carole Seymour-Jones